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Austria Mündel

The management of the Fund invests exclusively in Austrian, guilt-edged, in EURO denominated securities. The portfolio is invested in
accordance to §217 ABGB (Austrian Civil Code) and is therefore suitable for ward money investments. Within this portfolio the
duration distribution is determined by the actual market situation. The overall duration of the Fund can also be governed using
derivatives (Bund Future).


Name Austria Mündel
Fund management MATEJKA & PARTNER Asset Management GmbH
Fund manager Birgit Ulbing, CEFA
ISIN  AT0000A1X8H4 (A) AT0000A2HT86 (T) AT0000A2HT94 (V)
Typ of fund OGAW1 gemäß § 2 Abs. 1 und 2 iVm. § 50 InvFG. 
Fund financial year 01/9 to 31/8 
Front load up to 3,00%
Ongoing charges 1,28 % p.a.
Typ of fund distributing, accumulating or fully accumulating
Investment company LLB Invest KAG
Custodian bank LLB AG
Fund sales Wiener Privatbank SE; M&P AM GmbH

Brochure / § 21 Informationsdokument 
Sustainability-related disclosure 

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Wolfgang Matejka, CEFA

Chief Investment Officer

+43 1 533 77 83-11

Birgit Ulbing

Asset Manager

+43 1 533 77 83-23