Stable financial centre Austria

Austria has become internationally established as a safe and respectable banking centre. Aside from the country's high economic and political stability, Austria is characterised by a strictly regulated financial market. Compliance with the rules is monitored continuously by the Financial Market Authority and the Austrian National Bank.

Austria's strengths at a glance

  •      EU member with excellent credit rating
  •      High political and economic stability
  •      Strictly regulated financial market
  •      Stable currency
  •      Traditionally high discretion
  •      Perfect location at the heart of Europe

Vienna – a safe location for investors

With the Vienna Stock Exchange established in 1771, the Austrian capital ranks not only among the oldest and most traditional, but also the safest financial centres in the world. The Vienna Stock Exchange at which shares were first traded in 1818, is a hub between Western and Eastern Euope today.

Vienna is attractive as a financial centre because of its central location, stable political environment and solid economic development. Vienna is a safe place for investors and offers ideal conditions for asset allocation.