Wealth Management

Customer relationships revolve around trusting reliability-based cooperation. Comprehensive investment consulting and planning is based on a professional and solution-oriented investment approach implemented with first-class products. With a significant money market investment share, the managed assets show a safety-oriented risk profile. 

  • Active management
  • Weekly asset allocation committee meetings
  • Strategic asset allocation: allocation to various asset classes
  • Tactical asset allocation: reacting to various market situations
  • Independence regarding product choice
  • Correlation and diversification: reduction of the overall risk by avoiding bulk risks
  • Product selection is based on fundamental valuation principles as well as costs and liquidity
  • Risk management: constant monitoring of markets and corresponding portfolio adjustment
  • Achievement of gains that are commensurate with risk in accordance with individual customer needs

Open architecture with first-class product offering
As an independent, niche-oriented financial institution, our investment experts in Vienna provide a bespoke service: Every investment portfolio is aligned to the customer's individual risk, return and liquidity requirements.

At the heart of our asset management is a team of financial experts with many years of experience and an extensive international capital market background. This team plays a key role in shaping the bank's investment strategy which is naturally implemented in the customer portfolios of asset management.

>> Factsheet "Defensive Portfolio"
>> Factsheet "Balanced Portfolio"
Facstheet "Dynamic Portfolio"

>> Factsheet "Portfolio Management"

Wiener Privatbank operates in a wide range of investment classes:

  • Stocks – at all the major stock exchanges worldwide and in various emerging markets
  • Investment funds and exchange traded funds – access to a wide range of external and own funds
  • Fixed-income securities – such as government and corporate bonds
  • Precious metals – physical safekeeping (e.g. ingots and coins) at independent external depository banks in a segregated account
  • Hedge funds and private equity investments
  • Real estate
  • Structure products and other traded securities
  • Currency deposits – currency and fixed deposit accounts in all major currencies

Wide range of asset management services
Aside from individual investment consulting and asset management, we also offer our national and international clients access to specialized investments and best-in class products by third-party providers as well as varied corporate finance services.

Wealth planning and securities account analysis
Our securities account analyses are provided on the basis of a personal initial consultation and an appropriate needs analysis – naturally taking into account the personal initial situation and the requirements in terms of risk tolerance, expected return, liquidity planning and asset structure.

External expert network
As a customer of Wiener Privatbank, aside from comprehensive bank services, you benefit from a choice network of experts, in particular in the following areas of expertise:

  • Family foundations
  • Generation and retirement planning
  • Real estate: from owner occupation to investment property
  • Alternative investments

Your contact partners

Institutional Private Banking

Conor Hayden

Head of Institutional Private Banking

+43 1 534 31-189

Sevda Sevgili

Private Banking

+43 1 534 31-139

Ance Malina

Private Banking

+43 1 534 31 – 241

Private Banking Austria & International

Thomas Eschelmüller

Head of Private Banking Austria & International

+43 1 534 31-160

Berthold Maier

Head of Private Banking Austria & International

+43 1 534 31-190

Petra Hauser

Private Banking

+43 1 534 31-227

Patrick Dirisamer

Private Banking

+43 1 534 31-185

Jürgen Berthold

Private Banking

+43 1 534 31-225

Wolfgang Pultar, EFA®

Private Banking

+43 1 534 31-150

Gabriele Tröscher

Private Banking

+43 1 534 31-460

Manuela Tauchner

Assistant Private Banking

+43 1 534 31-243

Private Banking CIS

Dr. Irina Raffetseder, EFA®

Head of Private Banking CIS

+43 1 534 31-128

Galina Polozova, MSc

Private Banking

+43 1 534 31-234

Alina Tacu

Private Banking

+43 1 534 31-174

Patricia Commenda

Assistant Private Banking

+43 1 534 31-289

Private Banking CEE

Robert Cup, CFP®

Head of Private Banking CEE

+43 1 534 31-169

Monika Török

Assistant Private Banking

+43 1 534 31-173

Zsuzsa Fazakas, LL.M.

Private Banking, CEE

+43 1 534 31-250

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